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The Secret to Authentic Influencer Marketing

Posted by Samantha Stallard on March 7, 2018

In April 2017, a new, exciting, and exotic music festival was set to take place on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma. Organized by media mogul Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, Fyre Festival was marketed as a luxury music festival and promoted on Instagram by it-girls Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski. Many of the models/social media influencers did not initially disclose that they were being paid to post and thus, would not actually be attending.

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8 Classic & Luxe Ideas to Create a VIP Experience for Guests

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 28, 2018
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Experimenting with Experiential at NYFW Fall/Winter 2018

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 19, 2018

There was a heaviness in the air at last week's New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Beyond the omnipresent rainfall and gray skies, were whispers of the gathering's fate, as the American fashion capital struggles to maintain the same luster as the show's of Paris, Milan, and London. New York mixed up this year's formula by combining men's and women's collections into a massive 10-day-long extravaganza, but with industry greats like Thom Browne, Proenza Schouler, and Altuzarr no longer showing stateside and Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham presenting their last respective collections here this season, can NYFW revive itself?

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This Valentine's Day Consumers Are Experiencing More and Buying Less

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 14, 2018

Mentions of Valentine's Day often come with a ubiquitous reference to gross consumerism. It's just a fake holiday created by the greeting card companies. It's designed to encourage superfluous spending on items no one needs. It's the worst night of the year to eat out! Flowers die! While this may have been true in decades past, experiential marketers have discovered an important shift in the way consumers spend their time and money every February 14.

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Connecting the Offline Online At Your Next Event

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 7, 2018

Branded events have to be both a place where attendees go to remove themselves from their social media universe to have an authentic, in-person, once-in-a-lifetime experience while still getting viral media attention. Sounds impossible, but if anyone can handle such a paradox, it's an experiential marketer. These event planning ninjas can create a world so enrapturing, attendees only raise their phones to their faces at the exact right moment.

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These 4 Brands Owned Super Bowl LII

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 5, 2018

It's unclear whether football fans across the country are more excited that the Eagles won or that the Patriots lost. Either way, last night's Super Bowl LII was remarkably lighter than 2017's game, which had a heavy political influence in the week's following Trump's inauguration. This year, brands focused on creating experiences and interactions for their viewers through advertisements that were lifted from our TV screens through experiential strategies such as social media exposure, mobile interaction, and more.

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Sundance Film Festival's Evolution: From Boy's Club to Celebration of Empowerment

Posted by Samantha Stallard on January 31, 2018

The 2018 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT was action-packed with screenings, political marches, and below freezing temperatures. Delivering on the spirit of founder Robert Redford’s mission to celebrate creativity, Sundance brings independent films to life. But, gone are the days in which Harvey Weinstein roamed the mountains, bringing with him male-centric films like “Sex, Lies and Videotape” and “Reservoir Dogs” to theaters, with a greater focus on parties, sponsorships, and Paris Hilton-sightings than film making. 

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4 Strategies for Authentic Attendee Social Sharing

Posted by Samantha Stallard on January 24, 2018

The best social posts are authentic. Not bribed. Not coerced. But, originally conceived from their poster for the pure joy of sharing. At a brand event, it can be difficult for the company behind-the-scenes to trust that attendees will say all the right things, share product photos, use the hashtag, and invoke positive messaging with every Instagram Story. Instead of filling Twitter feeds with an inauthentic "barter posts" (retweet to win a T-shirt!), put a plan in place in the weeks leading up to the event. Here are four of our favorite authentic attendee social sharing strategies:

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How Instagram Stories Beat Snapchat At Its Own Game

Posted by Samantha Stallard on January 17, 2018

In August 2016, Instagram launched Stories -- a seemingly blatant copycat of Snapchat. Social media professionals and amateur enthusiasts worldwide scoffed at the play and mocked the knockoff filters (the infamous flower crown served as the public's first victim). Even with skepticism and cynicism, Instagram users tried it out. Then, just a year after its initial launch, Instagram Stories surpassed Snapchat's daily usage numbers. How did a photo sharing platform takeover the content world so quickly?

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Ribyt is Now Concierge.com

Posted by Samantha Stallard on January 9, 2018

Pop2Life's sister software, Ribyt, is now concierge.com! The new Condé Nast offering was designed to deliver a much better guest experience for event attendees while saving event producers a significant amount of time, money and resources. Imagine impeccable attention to detail and accurate communication with every guest and every vendor -- without using spreadsheets -- and with the expertise of its Event Concierge Services team. Check out some of its capabilities here...

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