DreamWorks TROLLS Takes Over VidCon and the Tween Market

Posted by Evan Bryson on September 19, 2016
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VidCon, Comic-Con’s younger sibling, is a three day, millennial-centric extravaganza. Celebrating the creativity of today’s youth and the ever changing entertainment environment, Vidcon is a bit of a double edged sword for the marketing industry. On one hand, it offers a one-stop-shop ticket to connect with thousands of millennials. The problem, however, is that this demographic is programmed to tune out anything that remotely resembles an advertisement, so marketing can be a bit tricky.

DreamWorks Animation, whose newest film features several of YouTube’s famous faces, recognized the powerful potential of creating an activation at the convention and reached out to our team to help create a one-of-a-kind experience for VidCon’s fans. On the first day of the event, in the midst of the VidCon craziness, our team placed a giant rainbow box (that our incredible designers created) outside of the Anaheim Marriott with a countdown clock. Dozens of curious fans waited anxiously for the clock the strike zero after seeing social posts from their favorite YouTubers.

When the box finally opened, a giant Troll wig popped out of the top and Kandee Johnson, Glozell Green, Ricky Dillon and Meg DeAngelis surprised fans. YouTuber Hunter March did an incredible job hosting the event!

The hour-long spectacle was broken down into three challenges in which the four YouTubers competed:

Challenge #1: Turn 2 Troll



Each YouTube star selected a volunteer from the audience for a full-blown DreamWorks Trolls Makeover. Each star had to transform their volunteer into their character from the film.

Challenge #2 - Seven Second Challenge


Each team was given FIVE 7-second challenges. The team that scored the most points won and the losing team had to perform a dare of the winner’s choice.

Challenge #3 - Troll Tune Time


YouTube stars had to compete against one another to see who did the best karaoke version of Celebration by Kool & the Gang while wearing their signature Trolls wigs. The event ended with bang as streamer cannons exploded and everyone danced to the hit song from the film Can’t Stop The Feeling.

The YouTubers were so entertaining, the volunteers were ecstatic, and the makeovers were hilarious. 

“I thought it was really cool and kind of interesting, because we didn’t know what was going to happen. We just saw this huge colorful box and it [seemed] really happy,” recounted Amber, a fan whose best friend was chosen to compete in a challenge on stage with Kandee Johnson during the hour long show.

“After the event, Mary and I were like ‘we are going to see that movie in November!’” The pair even went home and made cookies after being inspired by the activation’s colorful nature.

When asked about her experience on stage, Mary described her excitement and feeling starstruck while interacting with her favorite YouTube star:

“As a makeup lover myself, [Kandee] was one of the first people I saw on YouTube. She inspired me to do what I love.” She went on to express her gratitude toward the star, and wanted to thank her for making her feel special in that moment on stage.

Trolls is set to be released November 4th, but keep your eyes open for our rainbow box, which will be traveling across the country to a new city every month leading up to the premiere and check out the video from VidCon below. 



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