New Rule: Experiential Marketing Shouldn't Be Costing You Money

Posted by Eric Murphy on October 17, 2016

Thirteen years ago when Pop2Life was born, experiential marketing was merely a blip on the radar for most brands, aside from a few that were very early in the game, but we bet on it in a big way, and today it’s pretty much part of everyone’s marketing strategy. [Pat on the back for us!] Brands realized that merely writing a big check to have their logo slapped on an event is not nearly as valuable as writing a big check to create an experience of their own that they can control 100 percent. But, it’s time to take it one step further.

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Pop2Life Opinions: How Do You Approach Creativity Without Fear?

Posted by Mackenzie Zellner on July 6, 2016

The number one phrase no one should ever say is that they’re not creative. Because, according to Pop2Life Founder and CEO, Eric Murphy, “Everybody has the ability to be creative.” Creativity takes countless forms and recognizing how you show it is the key (count how many times I say ‘creative’ in this blog). 

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Milli Vanilli Has More Credibility Than Your Empty Impressions

Posted by Eric Murphy on May 25, 2016

People (brands) pay thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars to proudly display their logo at an event where they believe their audience (customers) will be. Brands even go as far as paying thousands (sometimes millions) for the naming rights to a venue, concert tour, sports arena, festival, whatever.

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Cultivora Industry Insider Interview with Eric Murphy

Posted by Eric Murphy on April 13, 2016
In May 2013, I was interviewed by Maressa Levy for Cultivora's Industry Insider series. Three years later, we've grown up and expanded our services, but the roots of why we do what we do still remain... 
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You Can’t Be Afraid to Look Stupid: Where Great Marketing Comes From

Posted by Samantha Stallard on April 6, 2016

 The entire experiential marketing industry is centered around creativity and the options of what we can create are virtually limitless. While that’s incredibly exciting, it’s also pressure-fueled.

Think back to high school English… When the teacher instructed your class to write a response to The Crucible or evaluate a theme in To Kill a Mockingbird, you knew exactly what you were going to write about, because there was direction in the instructions. If that same teacher said that you could write about any topic, where do you begin? Suddenly, a feeling of fear kicks in.

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Op-Ed Rebuttal: Why Experience Marketing Will Never Die

Posted by Eric Murphy on March 17, 2016

Here's an interview I did for Adweek in response to a popular article proclaiming experiential marketing is dead. It was originally published two years ago, but the message is still the same - experiential marketing is more valuable than ever...

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