8 Classic & Luxe Ideas to Create a VIP Experience for Guests

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 28, 2018
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Experimenting with Experiential at NYFW Fall/Winter 2018

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 19, 2018

There was a heaviness in the air at last week's New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Beyond the omnipresent rainfall and gray skies, were whispers of the gathering's fate, as the American fashion capital struggles to maintain the same luster as the show's of Paris, Milan, and London. New York mixed up this year's formula by combining men's and women's collections into a massive 10-day-long extravaganza, but with industry greats like Thom Browne, Proenza Schouler, and Altuzarr no longer showing stateside and Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham presenting their last respective collections here this season, can NYFW revive itself?

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This Valentine's Day Consumers Are Experiencing More and Buying Less

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 14, 2018

Mentions of Valentine's Day often come with a ubiquitous reference to gross consumerism. It's just a fake holiday created by the greeting card companies. It's designed to encourage superfluous spending on items no one needs. It's the worst night of the year to eat out! Flowers die! While this may have been true in decades past, experiential marketers have discovered an important shift in the way consumers spend their time and money every February 14.

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Connecting the Offline Online At Your Next Event

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 7, 2018

Branded events have to be both a place where attendees go to remove themselves from their social media universe to have an authentic, in-person, once-in-a-lifetime experience while still getting viral media attention. Sounds impossible, but if anyone can handle such a paradox, it's an experiential marketer. These event planning ninjas can create a world so enrapturing, attendees only raise their phones to their faces at the exact right moment.

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18 Experiential Marketing Stats for 2018

Posted by Samantha Stallard on January 3, 2018

A brand ambassador shows a traveler the immersive, 10’ tall Echo Dot in Amazon Music's Terminal 5 activation space last month. The music streaming service took over JetBlue's terminal at JFK, allowing consumers to play with the technology, ask questions, and sign up IRL.

Experiential marketing was on everyone's radar in 2017. From the Super Bowl to Art Basel, Sundance to Cannes, brands across the globe invested more money than ever into crafting personalized, creative experiences for their consumers. Beyond establishing brand loyalty and evoking positive sentiment, custom experiences are huge financial wins for brands. Compared to traditional marketing channels, experiential campaigns offer incredible payoffs. History show, events make consumers significantly more likely to align themselves with your brand through purchases, tune-in, or alignment.

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Get to Know: The History of RSVP

Posted by Samantha Stallard on December 27, 2017

Article originally published on the Ribyt blog - check it out here!

Répondez s’il vous plaît — Please reply. Tracking RSVPs and registrations in real time is one of our favorite features of the Ribyt platform’s most current technology; which got us thinking – how long have we been RSVPing? 

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P2L Opinions: These Will Be The Hottest Event Trends in 2018

Posted by Samantha Stallard on December 14, 2017

Technology was a hot addition to events in 2017. Virtual reality was everywhere from Comic-Con to Coachella and consumers didn't even have to attend IRL (in real life -- you'll see that come up a lot in this post...) events in order to get in on the action. Tech gadgets from Google, Samsung, and Sony allowed brands to connect to fans on an experiential level without ever leaving their homes. Will VR reign supreme in 2018? Will the tech trend bubble burst and be replaced by old school activations? Check out nine opinions from Pop2Life's best and brightest employees across departments to find out what will be the hottest event trends in 2018.

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15 Travel Hacks From Our Event Concierge Services Team

Posted by Samantha Stallard on November 22, 2017

Updated! As we look back on 2017 -- the events we've produced, the partners we've worked with, and the content we've created, we're highlighting our most loved experiences from the last year. Our blog readers favored our travel content, with our Event Concierge Services team tips and tricks getting the most viral hits of any other topic. Check out an updated version of our travel blog, with three new tips (!) below.

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Just Play the Hits: Q&A with Pop2Life's Director of Music Initiatives

Posted by Samantha Stallard on November 14, 2017

Nothing is quite as personal as music. A familiar song has the power to elicit an emotional reaction and transport its listener to another place and time. Music is almost an emotion in itself an incomprehensible force capable of defying our differences and drawing people together. For brands, music holds power. The power to unite their fans together and create a sense of community. The power to evoke a nostalgia. The power to establish trust. And the power to build consumer loyalty. But, only when it's implemented authentically.

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Is FOMO Over? A Marketer's Guide to the Fear of Missing Out

Posted by Samantha Stallard on November 1, 2017

When we speak of FOMO (the fear of missing out) we are almost undoubtedly speaking about the Millennial generation. As a Millennial myself, I won't get into a diatribe defending those who entered the workforce during one of the largest recessions in our country's history (though the urge to go on a tirade is very real). Marketers' love the acronym and use it to their advantage in sales material and social media content, especially for the promotion of a brand experience or event. 

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