Pop2Life's Predictions for Comic-Con 2018

Posted by Samantha Stallard on July 18, 2018

Get ready, San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is days away. Time to dry clean your cosplay outfits, binge the last season of Breaking Bad in preparation for the highly anticipated reunion, and make sure your smartphone has plenty of juice to capture every moment you're about to experience. This is the big dance in the world of experiential marketing - brands will be out in full force vying for attendees attention, praise, trust, and purchases. On the other end, attendees expect to be dazzled, delighted, shocked, and surprised. 

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8 Classic & Luxe Ideas to Create a VIP Experience for Guests

Posted by Samantha Stallard on February 28, 2018
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Dissecting the Art of Technology with Future Colossal's CEO

Posted by Samantha Stallard on August 23, 2017

Pop2Life partner, Future Colossal, is extreme. Extremely creative, extremely passionate, extremely artistic, and extremely innovative. They're the kind of team that can listen to a description of a never-been-done-before, seemingly impossible, out there idea and respond with, "Yeah, we can do that." From digitally altering every car on a busy Manhattan street to creating artificially intelligent, interactive window displays, their team of designers, technologists, hardware fabricators, and coders has literally invented the technology needed to pull off a project when it didn't already exist.

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A Hashtag Is Not a Marketing Strategy: How TINT is Shaking Up Social

Posted by Samantha Stallard on June 21, 2017

Describing your brand as "socially savvy" means nothing anymore. Every brand is tweeting, 'gramming, and Snapchatting, but is it working? Is a heavy social presence capturing consumers' attention and creating an increase in profit? Or are we all so numb to branded content that we've learned to ignore it on billboards, TV ads, and pre-roll before this?

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Should Your Brand Activate at Comic-Con?

Posted by Samantha Stallard on June 7, 2017

Though the name implies a convention center full of comic book nerds clutching their first editions, you're more likely to find groups of people dashing into an Avengers screening, Instagramming their fish tacos, or waiting for their Game of Thrones panel to begin. San Diego Comic-Con has become a marketing mecca for brands across all types of categories. However, with each year, the annual gathering of the alternative becomes increasingly commercialized as attendees are accosted by promotion and brand advertising at every turn.

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Upgrade Your Next Event With a Brand Partnership

Posted by Samantha Stallard on May 24, 2017

When a brand decides to produce an event they are in for a huge undertaking, but with high risk comes high reward. As we know, consumers often make purchasing decisions based on the brands with which they feel most connected to. Instead of showing someone yet another website banner, pre-roll video, or targeted Facebook ad, why don't marketers fully engage consumers with a well-executed, unforgettable experience? Because they don't know where to begin...

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Harnessing the Power of Artist Partnerships at Your Next Brand Event

Posted by Samantha Stallard on April 10, 2017

Nothing is quite as personal as music. A familiar song has the power to elicit an emotional reaction and transport its listener to another place and time. Music is almost an emotion in itself - an incomprehensible force capable of defying our differences and drawing people together. For brands, music holds power. The power to unite their fans together and create a sense of community. The power to evoke a nostalgia. The power to establish trust. And the power to build consumer loyalty.

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"Promotional Product Problem Solving" with Swagdog's Top Dog

Posted by Samantha Stallard on March 15, 2017

At Pop2Life we don’t work with vendors, we have longstanding professional relationships with trusted partners. And one of our favorite partner calls to make is to Swagdog, a trendsetting,branded merchandise manufacturer based in Baltimore, MD, because it means we get to giveaway awesome promotions to our event attendees - spreading happiness beyond the length of the experience. It also means we get to work with President Russ White and his killer team.

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Deck The Malls: Spotlight on Santa HQ 2017

Posted by Evan Bryson on December 21, 2016

Pop2Life, in partnership with Macerich and HGTV, has revolutionized the traditional Santa photo and visit for millions of families during the holiday season. What once was a simple (using that word lightly- people simply got tired of waiting) concept of waiting in long, agonizing lines to simply take a photo with Santa has turned into so much more-- we've created a fully immersive, and more importantly fun, experience.

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Yeti or Not, Here We Come with Travel Channel's Hunt for the Yeti

Posted by Evan Bryson on October 26, 2016

Some days you come into the office and work at your desk for eight hours, and other days you ride a double decker bus filled with 39 Yetis, while Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams blasts in the background -- it’s simply part of the job. When our lovely friends over at Scripps Networks came to us to inquire about a potential promotion for their Travel Channel series Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti, we were ecstatic. We knew that it needed to be big, it needed to be badass, and we finally had an excuse to outfit a multitude of brand ambassadors in Yeti costumes to roam free around New York City. 

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