A Good Week For Bad Press (Weekly Roundup: April 10)

Posted by Gabriella Prieto on April 14, 2017
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Every Friday, the P2Blog will feature five industry articles that are trending, relevant, shocking, hilarious, or rediscovered. The Weekly Roundup is a curated list of what Pop2Life is sharing around the office - complete with our thoughts and on-point opinions (IMNSHO).

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1. Harnessing the Power of Artist Partnerships at Your Next Brand Event

Found in P2Blog, written by Samantha Stallard

Nothing is quite as personal as music. A familiar song has the power to elicit an emotional reaction and transport its listener to another place and time. Music is almost an emotion in itself - an incomprehensible force capable of defying our differences and drawing people together. For brands, music holds power. The power to unite their fans together and create a sense of community. The power to evoke a nostalgia. The power to establish trust. And the power to build consumer loyalty.

But, only when it's implemented authentically.

Authenticity lives in the collaborative partnership between a brand and an artist that helps both parties achieve mutually beneficial performance objectives. It’s not just a brand paying an artist a one-time performance fee. Sure, writing a check is an easy way to way to dip your toe into the experiential marketing pool, but it ultimately costs more money and brings less value to your brand.

Harnessing the power of artist partnerships at your next brand event provides crucial media attention, consumer attention, and, ultimately, brand sales. Successful businesses tap into consumers’ emotions by creating captivating events and experiences that transform their brand’s value proposition. Why?

  • Because Millennials and Post-Millennials aren’t responding to brands through traditional advertising like Baby Boomers and Gen X have
  • Because the music business has been rocked (pun intended) over the last decade and brand partnerships/corporate sponsorships are now embraced as vital relationships
  • Because negative connotations surrounding brand/artist partnerships are going away, now being seen as smart business moves in which both parties benefit, not “selling out”
  • Because consumers value experiences and appreciate when brands entertain them

By creating a natural music partnership, brands are able to align with a hot artist and leverage their “cool factor” to create a lasting connection with that artist’s fans. Consumers who attend events featuring their favorite artists are more open to absorbing marketing messages because of the positive association they feel between brand and artist.

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2. Will United’s PR Disaster Finally Make Airlines Reconsider the Hated Practice of Overbooking?

unitedairlines.jpgPhoto Courtesy: Pexels 

Found in AdWeek, written by Robert Klara

Pepsi just might be in the clear, with all of the buzz heading to United Airlines. A video goes viral as it captures airport security officers physically dragging a passenger off of a United Flight. Just incase you have not seen it or heard about it, a passenger was forcibly removed  from a United Airlines plane on Sunday. The flight wasn’t originally overbooked in the traditional sense - it was not until the airline realized it would need seats for crew members heading to Louisville in a timely manner to take over another flight. One of the passengers they randomly selected was a doctor, due to see patients the following morning, that refused to give up his seat.

“Social media, and particularly real-time video, has led to unprecedented transparency in the travel industry,” observed Daniel Craig, CEO of Vancouver-based travel consultancy Reknown.

Our take:

As this new video went viral, United Airlines still has to recover from a recent rebuttle on social media about teen passengers not allowed on board if they wore leggings. But now, Twitter and all other social media handles are exploding with videos and comments about this terrible endeavour - angry reactions to the horrific incident. Will United Airlines reconsider how they book their flights to avoid events like this altogether?

I think the bigger issue here was the way United Airlines handled the situation. If some flight attendants need to fly last minute, then there should be other arrangements to have designated seats for them. Or do what JetBlue does and never overbook the flight. There is no way to know that some people won’t show up and in this case everyone showed, so it is unfair to randomly throw people off, literally. It is an unfair process of elimination -no one wants to be on a later flight or arrive at their destination the next day, but have a better way of doing it. 

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3. 4 Killer Brand Activations and Integrations from March Madness 2017

basketball-game.jpeg Photo Courtesy: Pexels

Found in P2Blog, written by Gabriella Prieto
1. Capital One's JamFestWho doesn’t love a free concert? Capital One invited one thousand fans to join them at JamFest the night before the championship game. The financial corporation's annual fest continues to engage college basketball and music fans year after year with a diverse music offering - this year's concert included performances by Aerosmith, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Blink 182. The entire event was communicated through the hashtags #RoadToOne and #JamFest for cross-branding. 

Beyond JamFest, Capital One's Final Four Fan Fest kept the whole family entertained with basketball clinics, giveaways, concerts, special appearances, autograph signings, and interactive games from all NCAA championships. Fans could even have a true Instagram moment, posing with the NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship trophy, official Final Four merchandise, and samples from NCAA sponsors.

2. AT&T's Block PartyAT&T hosted their annual Block Party concert on March 31. After starting off the year on an incredible note performing on New Year’s Eve in front of 100,000 people, and releasing his fifth single from RIPCORD, country music superstar Keith Urban brought his record-breaking music to downtown Phoenix. Urban was the first to announce his performance with a tweet: “Phoenix!!! We’re coming to you on 3/31 at the #ATTBlockParty @ATT #MarchMadness.” Michael Ray and Justin Moore joined Keith Urban for the first of three free concerts.

College basketball fans went head-to-head with a half court shot competition -  who could get the most baskets in 40 seconds, beating the Fastest 4G Shootout. AT&T also provided social media engagement opportunities, inviting fans to text their prediction for the tournament champion.

(Click on the title to

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4. After Striking Gold With Better Call Saul, Cinnabon Has Plans for the New Season

Photo courtesy: Cinnabon

Found in AdWeek, written by Katie Richards

Cinnabon has established a note-worthing, pop-culture-focused marketing campaign, after Saul Goodman stated in the last episode, “If I’m lucky, in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” The social team for Cinnabon quickly heightened to mention and tweet to the brand’s career page. AMC and Cinnabon then partnered together to create a series of campaigns around new seasons as a way to keep itself at the forefront of pop culture.

There has been unique created content for the latest campaign that is being released for the upcoming season. It includes everything from digital and social activation in a bakery and an online sweepstakes that gives fans a chance to win a briefcase filled with cash. Fans get an extra entry by tweeting the hashtags #BetterCallSaul and #Sweeps.

Our take:

I still think AMC's Better Call Saul's Los Pollos Hermanos activation was the best to promote the season premiere. But, having multiple activations says a lot about a brand. They are really getting huge audiences to tune-in to this season premiere and they did a great job of doing so. Who doesn't want to go to a Saul Goodman Cinnabon store? They have been streaming mulitple, creative techniques for a great promotion for Better Call Saul and AMC.

Cinnabon continues to leverage its partnership with the AMC show and also scored access to some clips from the new season. They also included a giveaway in-stores before the season prmiere to win over fans of the show and please cinnamon roll fans, as well. This shows that it has something for everyone, whether you are a fan of the show or of sweets, in general.

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5.  5 Event Technologies that Maximize ROI

fortune.jpgPhoto courtesy: Fortune

Found in Event Marketer, written by Robin Lickliter

We are constantly trying to find a balance between the “wow” factor and a cost effective way of doing so. As new technology flourishes we try to make it work with much less. The good way about this is that most event attendees have smartphones, which are constantly being checked and with our smartphone technology, there is an easier way to wow the audience.

  1. Virtual Reality: Ding! Ding! Ding! As if we haven’t heard it enough. VR at events garnishes a great deal of attention. Last week, Google unveiled a new-and-improved version of Google Cardboard, which transforms guests smartphones into a virtual reality computer system.
  2. Crowd Mics: If you download the app, guests can simply enter an event-code and then participate in conversation from their smartphone. People overseeing this technology at an event can turn each individual “mic” on and off as desired.
  3. iBeacons: These are palm-sized Bluetooth transmitters, which range up to 150 feet and offer highly accurate location services. These small devices have quickly gained popularity over large-scale events.
  4. Interactive Polling: To keep audiences engaged, make their voices heard. Apps such as Poll Everywhere makes interactive polling simple because attendees can respond to poll questions in real time and releases the responses almost immediately. These response can drive the direction and content of a presentation in real time.
  5. Gamification: People love games because they are fun engaging and promote the spirit of competition. Gamify app can be downloaded to access simple interfaces then participating in games.

Our take:

We are a long-standing believer of virtual reality and how it incorporates so much leverage for a brand. All of these new technologies that are becoming smaller and more convenient will make a brand become more active in a person's everyday life - with a touch of a finger on their smartphone. There is adventure within virtual reality and that is what consumers want to see. 

These five technologies will definitely maximize your ROI because with a new trend at an event, there will be more people who are interested in it and coming. Here is where you will make all of your money that you lost buying the new technologies. People want that new app and are completely involved with the latest trend - therefore, it will pay off in the end.  

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