VR Tours Through The White House (Weekly Roundup: February 21)

Posted by Gabriella Prieto on February 24, 2017
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1. Google Celebrates Presidents' Day With VR Tours

googledogsVR.pngPhoto Courtesy: Digital Trends 

Found in Digital Trends, written by Lulu Chang

A new partnership between Google Arts & Culture and about 30 cultural institutions, from the American Democracy collection, created a trip through virtual reality for Presidents’ Day. Google announced the addition of 63 new exhibits to its American Democracy online exhibit, which brings a total of 158 exhibits. Google says, “...this collection invites you to remember and celebrate the history, lives, and legacies of the 44 U.S Presidents." The live event from Google navigated people through presidential homes, private lives, from their childhoods to their favorite pastimes and personal chefs.

Google Arts & Culture offered to take people behind the scenes of some of the most iconic ballets, operas, and other creative achievements. The live capture's latest update had 24 presidential portraits captured by Google’s Art Camera. Google also debuted 17 new 360-degree virtual tours that was experienced through iOS or Android. Besides the president’s homes, Ronald Reagan’s Air Force One was also available virtually.

Our take:

Sometimes, history class is boring and traveling to Washington D.C. is too expensive to be feasible, but imagine being able to delve into the lives of the US presidents by avoiding reading a textbook or having to go to a museum? This virtual reality experience brought to you by Google Arts and Culture was a huge hit. People were able to experience this, live on Presidents’ Day, uncovering a collection of the vast political and personal history. Many brands are creating this VR experience, but Google is expertising in it.

Why is this so important today? Because virtual reality creates a story that consumers will remember forever. It is engaging and raises conversation because users are completely immersed in the content. This live experience generates strong emotions amongst users; similar to an experiential campaign. Virtual reality and experiential campaigns are alike in many ways, including that there are fewer distractions and more attention on the message.

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2. Behind the Brand: The Economist

economist.jpgPhoto courtesy: Event Magazine
Found in Event Magazine, written by Kim Benjamin

The brand’s Senior Vice President of circulation and retail marketing of The Economist, Marina Haydn, says that from a small test channel that happened three years ago, experience marketing is now a firm and growing element of The Economist’s marketing strategy. The Economist released a ‘Discomfort Future’ thought-provoking campaign, in which foods such as crepes with insect toppings, coffee derived from cat poo and smoothies made from food destined from the rubbish bin were featured. 

Around 80% of The Economist’s experiential activity is focused on its consumer experiential campaigns, while 20% is focused on activity at trade shows and exhibitions. The brand worked with an agency, Sense, in Europe to attract subscribers throughout Europe, but also activations across India, Australia and the US. The Economist recently appointed Sense to drive further activations across the US. A total of 20,000 subscriptions were delivered through experiential marketing activity last year and the brand is expecting to actively watch it grow over the next year.

Our take:

It may be hard to actively brand a newspaper - but by experientially marketing the brand - it strives to show its authority on its forces that are shaping the world. Newspapers may focus on targeting an audience globally by focusing on particular articles and marketing these particular events experientially. Although this seems straightforward, it aims at challenging the audience's perceptions and getting people to stop and think twice.

Particularly, the ‘waste not, want not’ message that The Economist portrayed highlighted how Americans throw away 40% of the food they buy every year, and using food waste can end want. Activations that offer people something they can take control of in their life illustrates how an issue can be expressed. Experiences can potentially take a negative outlook on life and turn it into a positive experience - bringing both content and brand to life.

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3. 12 Travel Hacks From Our Event Concierge Team

pexels-photo-backpack.jpgPhoto Courtesy: Pexels
Found in P2Blog, written by Samantha Stallard

1. Book your flight on Tuesday at 3pm ET: Most airlines create fare sales on Monday afternoons and then distribute them to travel sites like Expedia, Priceline, and even their own website. By Tuesday morning, competing airlines have seen these sales and adjust their own fares accordingly. Then, by 3pm ET, final sale pricing hits reservation systems - showing you the maximum number of discounted seats. But, act fast, these sales only last a few days before the process starts all over again.

2. Buy as if you're traveling solo: Say you're purchasing tickets for everyone in your family of four. Airline reservation systems and travel sites will charge you the same price for all four tickets on the reservation - regardless if three seats are available at a lower cost than the fourth. Everyone will be charged the higher price. Instead, browse for one flyer at a time to see the cheapest tickets available. 

3. Prepay for your rental car: Obviously, right? You can save around 30% on your total cost by paying when you book your rental care. Except you need to check the fine print for scary stipulations like, “Any change to the reservation may impact the rental charges. The rental rates may be higher if you make any change to your rental, including a change to extend the rental, the drop-off location or return the vehicle prior to the scheduled return date. Additional fees or surcharges may be applied at time of rental.” Before you fork over your credit card information, actually read the terms and conditions to discover what types of penalties you're agreeing to. (Read more by clicking the title above)

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4. Guests Go Around the World at American Express Event

airplane.jpgPhoto Courtesy:  BizBash

Found in BizBash, written by Ian Zelaya

American Express Platinum recently hosted an airplane travel-themed event to celebrate the announcement of new airport lounges and the formation of a new advisory board. This event, which took place on January 31 at Spring Studios in New York, was an airplane travel theme event that paid homage to different locations. These new Centurion Lounges, which are sleek airport spaces for card members are located at Hong Kong International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport in 2017 and to expand the existing lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in coming months.

This experience also marked the first event that was hosted by the financial service company’s Platinum Collective. This is an advisory board formed at the end of 2016, which consists of 15 social, cultural, and fashion influencers, who were tapped to curate unique experiences for card members. Something that is a passion for American Express card holders is traveling; therefore, the designs and installations were inspired by travel.

Our take:

If brands, such as American Express, continue to create experiences for their consumers, those consumers will stay loyal to them. To have a financial services company hold this type of event is huge. These companies are usually straightforward with promoting their offerings or announcements, but this time they are attracting media and influencers.

This says a lot about the financial industry. These types of activations are similar to Pop2Life’s goals and aspirations because our event concierge team helps with traveling, flights, and booking and our strategy team brainstorms the activations we host for the brand. 

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5. What Women Want: Amazon Studios Targets Female Viewers With Drybar And Speakeasies

Amazon-Studios_Drybar.jpgPhoto Courtesy: Event Marketer  

Found in Event Marketer, written by Sandra O’Loughlin

“Z: The Beginning of Everything” is a mini television series from Amazon Studios that is an American period drama based on Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler. The series presents a fictionalized version of the life of American socialite in the 1920s. To raise awareness among women, this new streaming series along with Amazon Studios set-up an activation in two locations, LA and NYC, to attract women. These two spots were at select Drybar salons and upscale Prohibition-style speakeasies, which were held on days leading up to and after the series’ Jan. 27 debut.

“Our integrated strategy was to recreate themes from our show and craft personal experiences for our consumers, giving them to opportunity to connect with Zelda’s character and live through the same transformation that she experienced. We created the ‘20s in a very modern way,” said Mike Benson, head of marketing at Amazon Studios. The speakeasy takeovers featured open bars, bartenders in ‘20s attire and actors dressed from that period. The inspired Drybar salons in Chicago, LA, and NYC were from the first two episodes from the series, as the guest received free blowouts.

Our take:

The two locations of the Drybar and the speakeasies definitely resonate amongst women and this was a great experiential campaign to attract women. This is the basis of what we do - we help brands target their ideal audience, go where that audience is, and create authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resonate that audience on an individual level. For this specific campaign, there was no more authentic target than millennial women.

We have a similar approach to our activations for the television networks we partner with. We partner with them to promote their television series and with our experiential twist it attracts more viewers and more attention to the brand. It is a huge help to have a live experience with a new television show because people are more emotionally attracted to watching it.

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