240 Calories, 0 Ad Spend (Weekly Roundup: March 06)

Posted by Gabriella Prieto on March 10, 2017
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Every Friday, the P2Blog will feature five industry articles that are trending, relevant, shocking, hilarious, or rediscovered. The Weekly Roundup is a curated list of what Pop2Life is sharing around the office - complete with our thoughts and on-point opinions (IMNSHO).

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1. 6 Questions to Ask in Every Post-Event Survey


Photo courtesy: Pexels

Found in P2Blog, written by Samantha Stallard 
1.  “Was the event better, worse, or about what you expected?”

This question seems brutal, but it’s important to understand how attendees’ feelings walking into your event compared to their feelings walking out. High expectations are awesome - it means that consumers have positive attributions associated with your brand and expect the best. However, if you don’t meet those high expectations, the experience is tainted. Low expectations aren’t so bad either, as there’s a greater chance of a “better” experience.

2.  “Do you plan on engaging with our brand in the future? Why or why not?”

While you might expect a snafu to create negative associations with your brand among attendees, people are remarkably forgiving. In that same vein, a great experience at your event doesn’t always mean consumers will suddenly drop their habits to incorporate you. Like any question, look for patterns in answers and pay close attention to the “why or why not” portion of the question.

3.  “Compared to other similar events you have attended, how does this event compare?”

It’s important to know where you stack up against the competition, so include space for attendees to elaborate on the similarities and differences they’ve observed or experienced. You can even take this question a step further and provide examples of events you’d compare yours to or ask for side by side comparisons of specific components such as food, space, entertainment, bathrooms, etc.

(Read more by clicking on the title.)

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2. 6 Best Moments From the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards


Photo courtesy: ET Online

Found in Billboard, written by Taylor Weatherby

On Sunday March 5, the iHeartRadio Music Awards commenced, but not before Pop2Life made some music beats down the red carpet with our activation. Here are some of the best moments of the award show:  

Justin Timberlake won the biggest award of the night for Song of the Year (“Can’t Stop the Feeling!”) His speech came off funny and heartfelt and he was aiming at young people. “Anyone that is treating you unkindly and it’s only because they are afraid or they were taught to be afraid of how important you are,” he said. He wanted to make young people feel inclusive in a world divided. “Because being different means you make the difference,” Timberlake said.

Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah Cyrus, performed for the first time her first award show. Miley Cyrus excitedly introduces her with a “I Heart Noah” shirt and a poster. Miley refers to her as her favorite person in the whole world. Miley believes in her sister and believes 2017 will be her year to shine.

DJ Khaled shows off his 4-month-old son by bringing him up on stage to introduce Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” performances. This definitely enhanced his iHeartRadio Music Awards appearance because everyone gushed over the adorable baby boy, Asahd. He should probably check his little ears after that stunt.

There are many fanboys and fangirls that were obsessing the record breaking hit song “Closer.” As a matter of fact, Ansel Elgort made it pretty clear by professing his love for the Chainsmokers, waving his hands up in the air when he announced the winner for Dance Song of the Year.

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3. The Best SXSW Brand Activations

Found in P2Blog, written by Gabriella Prieto
Sneak Peak of Pop2Life’s Activations at SXSW 2017

Sundance TV: In order to promote Season Two of Hap and Leonard on SundanceTV, we are creating a bull-riding activation across the street from the convention center at SXSW. Inside the activation, fans are invited to test their 'Mojo' (a major theme of the show), by seeing how long they can last on a bucking bull. The longer they stay on the bull, the more Mojo he or she has. The entire experience is being captured by a GoPro that is attached to the bull, which digitally transforms the bull into a horse to match the show's key art, which shows the two main characters jumping over a cop car on a horse. Additionally, fans are invited to take their mug shot against a branded mug shot wall.

Comedy Central: Kegs and Eggs is Comedy Central's annual SXSW party featuring free breakfast tacos and beer for all guests. There are several activations throughout the space that highlight Comedy Central's programming like the Drunk History dunk tank, Broad City paint by numbers wall, South Park couch, gif photo booth and more. Guests can also spin the prize wheel to win prizes from many of the networks' shows.

@Midnight Live: Chris Hardwick's game show @Midnight is coming back to SXSW for the second year in a row. Guests include comedians Thomas Lennon, Nick Swardson and Whitney Cummings who will compete for POINTS! There will be a live audience at the legendary ACL Live at the Moody Theatre on Friday, March 10 - doors at 7 p.m. 

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4. How FTD is Making Flowers a Special Part of International Women's Day Celebration

Photo Courtesy:  Chicago Business Journal

Found in Chicago Business Journal, written by Lewis Lazare

An experiential marketing campaign takes place on International Women’s Day, Wednesday March 8th in Chicago. This city will be flooded with flowers because representatives from OutCold, an experiential marketing agency will get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen van to deliver thousands of bouquets of flowers to five lucky offices in Chicago.

These offices include Google Chicago, Leo Burnett, Weber Shandwick, Time Out Chicago, and the Magnificent Mile Association because they are known to have a strong female presence and because they take pride in celebrating women and their accomplishments.

This event is based on a major floral ordering and delivery service, FTD, as a way to celebrate women. This annual observance dates back to 1909, when the first event was held in NYC and was organized by the Socialist Party of America. The theme this year is, “Be Bold for Change.”

Our take:

Who run the world? GIRLS. That’s something we take pride in at Pop2Life, being a company with majority women on staff. We are nothing short of a Beyoncé music video. OutCold is creative and bold to come up with this campaign to aim at women and celebrate the day for women. The event is executed on the behalf of FTD as not only making the day about flowers, but about a push for change.

The leftover flowers were delivered beyond these office spaces, into the city where there is a lot of foot traffic and are known to have a high volume to and from. This will grab more attention to women to feel prideful on this day.

In a society where women still aren’t given equal pay; Hispanic women earned only 58 cents on the dollar compared with white men; black women were paid just 63% of what white men were paid; and out of our 100 US senators, currently only 21 are women - we'll take the flowers, but there's still a long way to go.

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5. How Halo Top Is Conquering the Ice Cream Biz Without Ads

Photo Courtesy: AdAge  

Found in AdAge, written by Jessica Wohl

“Stop when you get to the bottom.” Because 240 calories for the whole pint really isn’t that bad for you. There are plenty of other low-calorie frozen treats, such as Arctic Zero and Edy’s Slow Churned. But word of mouth has propelled Halo Top’s loyal following. Sales in 2016 jumped about 2,500% from 2015. The brand’s sales at retailers hit about $66 million, with more than 13.5 million pints sold at an average of $4.8. That’s without traditional media spending.

The CEO of Halo Top, Justin Woolverton says, “If you actually focus on people who actually want to see your ads, everyone is happier.” You can make something go a lot further is you pay $100 for an ad on Facebook where you target people demographically, psychographically, geographically, etc. Halo Top handles its own social media outreach and digital ads and has been successful in doing so because their marketing team goes directly to representatives at Facebook and Google.

Our take:

As a small-ish company, Halo Top retains the luxury of addressing social media outreach from consumers on an individual level. A tweet can be answered in minutes rather than days, an Instagram comment can be replied to without expectation, and a Facebook post can be shared to their company page to the delight of the consumer who originally shared it.

This personal, human-to-human (through smartphone, but hey, in 2017 that counts as human contact, right?) relationship brings out positive affinity for the brand in the eyes of their consumers. No longer dealing with a faceless, multi-million dollar ice cream conglomerate, they see Halo Top as a small group of cool people selling guilt-free ice cream. And it's working.

The brand's sales at retailers hit nearly $66.1 million in the 52 weeks ended Feb. 19, with more than 13.5 million pints sold at an average price of $4.89, according to IRI.

Even large, one hundred plus person companies can adopt this type of personal relationship with their consumer base - by avoiding canned social media responses, signing posts with the name of the actual human writing them, and engaging in the conversation without being directly approached. I can also share that mocha chip is the best flavor and I have eaten an entire carton during a Real Housewives-binge on more than one occasion...

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