Score Big at March Madness (Weekly Roundup: March 27)

Posted by Gabriella Prieto on March 31, 2017
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1. These 9 March Madness Stats Show Which Brands and Platforms Scored Even Before Tipoff


Photo Courtesy: AdWeek

Found in AdWeek, written by Christopher Heine

March has been one hell of a month - Winter Storm Stella trapped us indoors and the luck of the Irish did not help basketball fans' brackets for March Madness. However, there’s some good news for Pizza Hut, Capital One, and Facebook. These brands were analyzed to be at the top of the brackets for their marketing promotions.

Here are 9 stats that these brands scored before the tipoff:

  1. Capital One: +8,877
  2. Reese’s: +6,309
  3. AT&T: +1,483
  4. Pizza Hut: 25,921 engagements
  5. Capital One: 13,000 engagements
  6. Wendy’s: 8,392 engagements
  7. Facebook: +164 percent
  8. Instagram: +47 percent
  9. Twitter: -24 percent
Our take:
Scoooooore! Over a dozen brands are immersed in the month-long basketball tournament. There aren't other competing sporting events during this time and March Madness is followed by millions - students, alum, and fans. You buy a ticket, you sit down on your couch, or hang at a bar to watch the games - brands are surrounding you, no matter what. The first three brands, Capital One, Reese's, and AT&T, had the biggest turnouts on social media, by mentionaing the words: March Madness, NCAA, bracket, or Selection Sunday. These statistics are analyzed through social media, which is where most digital dollars are spent.
Social media is a convenient medium to sponsor and boost publicity of a company's brand. The analytical reports showed that some brands excelled and others failed during March Madness. Either way, these brands made an appearance on social media and this is enough to get their name out.
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2. SXSW 2017: Step Inside Intel's AI Lounge


Photo Courtesy: Event Marketer

Found in Event Marketer, written by Sandra O'Loughlin

About 5,000 people lined up at Intel’s AI Lounge at South by Southwest this year, rain and shine, to experience three days of hands-on demos and panel discussions on artificial intelligence. This experience was authentic, fun, shareable, and bound to reveal that the notion of technology is as scary as it gets. This activation showcased Intel’s collaborations in artificial intelligence to overcome challenges in medical research, human safety, etc.

This was the first time at SXSW that Intel made an appearance. It really was a huge turnout for them bringing awareness to artificial intelligence. The goal was to target a new demographic of millennials and engage them through AI content, such as the role that AI can play changing lives and a changing society. There were panel discussions on the topic of AI for Good that covered medicine in an autonomous world, musical performances, demo areas, and more.

Our take:

You got it right, we’re still talking about SXSW and it’s amazing brand activations but the memories last forever. This specific brand activation was not a typical business activation, though. This activation was to drive more people to become aware of “Big Brother” and its growing impact of technology on the world.

It’s pretty wild to think that artificial intelligence may be taking over the world and computers will be taking over most jobs. This activation made this fear become a complete turn around. The showcased their intelligence through this activation, along with how to overcome challenges it may bring to the society. Start-ups, developers, innovators are sure to be excited for what is in the works with AI and what Intel is doing in that specific area.

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3. Activate This: 5 Upcoming Music Festivals Your Brand Needs to Be At


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

Found in P2Blog, written by Gabriella Prieto

As 2017's festival season kicks off, opportunities abound for brands to connect with their consumers, earn trust and "cool points", foster new relationships, and create authentic, unforgettable moments. Check out these five music festivals to keep on your radar and learn from the brands that are already seeing distinct ROI from these experiences...

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 

(April 14-16 in Indio, CA) Simply dubbed Coachella, this is the place to see and be seen. The star-studded fest is filled with celebrities, music, food truck trends, sponsored parties, VIP-only lawns, sponsors and, you guessed it, brands, at the Empire Polo Club outside of Palm Springs. Facebook alone claims 1.59 billion users worldwide and Snapchat has grown to have 200 million active users and almost everyone at the festival is live on Snapchat and FacebookTo future festival goers worldwide, Coachella took on Snapchat to be the millennial platform of choice where they showcased their event to millions of people.

Top brands activating at Coachella:

  • Heineken has been a key festival sponsor for 15+ years. In 2016, they set up a Heineken House to showcase even more live performances, and lots of beer, including sets by legendary hip-hop artists Warren G, DJ Premier, Just Blaze and Too $hort
  • McDonalds is also a repeat brand onsite and this year will host the pop-up nightclub Bootsy Bellows. The party will offer food from McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu
  • Infamous for being the festival that started the "festival" clothing trend (think lace, flower crowns, fringe, and peace signs) Coachella partnered with Pandora jewelry to help attendees and music-lovers amp up their festival style. Pandora's onsite activation is a classic booth where attendees can browse, try on jewelry, and buy keepsakes in between sets only available at Coachella

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

(June 8-11 in Manchester, TN) 2016 marked the 15th year of "Bonnaroooooooooooo" and attracted more than 80,000 attendees on a 700-acre farm to camp, revel, and watch some of the world’s biggest performers play extended sets for four days and nights. Although Bonnaroo releases less passes due to it's smaller location, Adweek reports that, they still reach about 5 million households, making Bonnaroo an ideal place for influencer marketing collaborations.

Top brands activating at Bonnaroo:

  • Jewelry and lifestyle brand, Alex and Ani, capitalize as an official Bonnaroo sponsor by leverging social trends surrounding the music festival, including the hashtags #Bonnaroo and #15YearsOfMagic to increase their brand awareness. The company sold musically-inspired products at the festival and launched a ticket giveaway contest. Guests that participated in the activation landscape received a metallic temporary tattoo of their choice and signed up for their news and updates
  • GNC's, "Live Loud, Live Well," activation offered festival-goers an air-conditioned space to recharge and refuel by sampling nutritional and wellness products from GNC. There were big bean bags in the center of the room, including charging stations and lounge couches and a GIF booth was set up with different backdrops and a series of poses of images that were stitched together like a flipbook

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4. Marketing Is No Longer A One-Way Street

marketing.jpgPhoto courtesy: Shutterstock

Found in Forbes, written by Tom Gallego

Adapt or die. That’s pretty powerful when talking about this fast paced mediascape. It could be exhausting to keep up with since the industry is becoming more fragmented and niche. Posting online is frequently not enough to engage with customers. That is why it is so important to bring order and discipline to digital marketing. A small number of marketers have fully embraced the principles of Digital Brand Engagement, and it is shown through its increased sales, customer loyalty, and brand value. One huge success for marketers was coming up with a mobile app order because it takes customization to a whole new level.

Our take:

Marketers need action strategy, like what we do, that provide a seamless brand experience for the customer, regardless of channel or drive. You want your audience to keep coming back, so make it worthwhile. A consumer's’ demands, interactions, diversity, devices, and technologies will carry them on to the right message at the right time with consistency. 


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5. 3 New Ways to Incorporate Virtual Reality at Your Events


 Photo courtesy:  BizBash 

Found in BizBash, written by Adele Chapin

Virtual reality is just another wow-factor at events. When someone puts a headset on, they are immediately transported to a different world. Here are three ways that event-planners and VR companies are reinventing ways to constantly make technology evolve:

  1. Incorporate sponsor branding: At the NotionTheory Tech Showcase, on March 23rd, there were VR game experiences that contorted participating guests into shapes while wearing feet controllers. They also had the opportunity to play games and capture the video live for social sharing. There were event sponsors that incorporated their logo on a smaller scale, while triggering people’s minds towards specific brands.
  2. Make it entertaining for a crowd: Some VR experiences can be entertaining to experience alone, but it could be even more entertaining if other people were involved. Amongst the 800 guests at the Washington Business Journal Book of Lists party, there was a screen projected for all guests to share their experience.
  3. VR can be more than a game: Swell Fundraising, which is an event fundraising software, incorporated VR at its cocktail party. This engaged guests to compete through their screen to see who was the most social and who raised the most money.
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