The 7 Most Memorable Super Bowl Moments of the Century (So Far)

Posted by Pop2Life on January 31, 2014


To get psyched up for Sunday's big game, the Pop2Life team reminisced fondly about Super Bowl moments of the 2000s, from the biggest flubs to the most inspiring halftime performance ever. We wonder if there'll be something from 2014 to add to this list...

1. The Aerosmith halftime show featuring Britney Spears, Nsync, Mary J. Blige & Nelly (2001, Ravens vs Giants)

Why? Sara and Emilie break it down: Because it was perfect and unbeatable and because Nsync.”" — Sara Stile, Project Manager, Music Initiatives

Because Britney Spears wore a tube sock arm band and I copied her for months after.”" — Emilie Cenatiempo, Director, Digital + Senior Project Manager

2. U2's inspired 9/11 tribute halftime performance (2002, Rams vs. Patriots)

Not only is it mind-blowing to get a stadium-sized music production set up within five minutes, it’s even tougher for an artist to emotionally connect with an audience in these circumstances for two reasons: A) They aren’t there to see you. B) You have a total of 15 minutes to perform. Total. (Most artists take 20-30 minutes in concert to get the audience warmed up). U2 played an inspired set and even if you weren’t a U2 fan, you actually forgot that there was a football game going on!”" — Clayton Ferguson, VP, Production/Biz Dev

3. Oh, Janet (2004, Panthers vs. Patriots)

No Super Bowl list is complete without Nipplegate 2004, aka the 9/16th of a second that introduced the universe to the term "wardrobe malfunction," basically launched YouTube, and caused the NFL to ban MTV from ever participating in a halftime show again. (Oh yeah and there was that $550,000 fine...) Watching the below video of the so-called scandalous incident, it's kind of hard to believe THAT's what everyone got so freaked out about -- and that's what caused the incredible aftermath!  (Skip to about the 4:00 mark if you just want to hone in on the, er, point ... but don't blink!)

Come on, we all know she did it on purpose! I know I would have...”" — Meghan Tartaglia, Operations Manager

4. David Tyree's helmet catch in the final minutes of Super Bowl XLII (2008, Giants vs. Patriots) 

Dan Severs, Pop2Life's Director of Music Initiatives, explains this awesome move for the unenlightened among us: 

Just over a minute to go 4th quarter, down by four. Eli almost gets sacked, scrambles, airs it out, and Tyree comes down with it! The play of the season. If Eli gets sacked, or Tyree misses the catch, the Pats win the Super Bowl! I went from thinking it’s over, to holy shit, we’re gonna win in a matter of three seconds!”"

And this just happened to be the very first Super Bowl Ethel Miller, our VP of Experiential Marketing + Promotions, ever attended, though she missed the big play because she had to head back to the airport! It was an awesome experience, all the same:

Being an event specialist, I saw each component through professional eyes. I found myself really looking at decor, how guests were treated, event flow, sponsor integration/branding, etc. The halftime show production was pretty amazing, too — fun to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse of how it all comes together. Elements that people take for granted. Makes you realize just how big a production the Super Bowl really is ... and how much it costs to put on ($$$$$).”"

5. Christina Aguilera flubs the lyrics to the National Anthem (2011, Packers vs. Steelers)

But seriously, watch this video - do you even notice her mistake (or is her voice just giving you chills)??

Of course not everyone gives Xtina a pass...

I want to say, “she’s only human, people make mistakes,” but how many thousand times has she performed. Get it together.”" — Emma Lenchner, Fulfillment Coordinator

6. MIA's middle finger (2012, Giants vs. Patriots)

I was like woah! Did she really do that? You can argue if it was intentional or a Hindu Ritual (as she claims), it still looked like what we all think it was: she was “flipping the bird!” She seemed like an edgy choice, considering the NFL made a significant effort to be “safe” after Nipplegate. Whether it was intentional or not, it didn’t do much to help her go mainstream and now she is embroiled in a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit.”" — Jeff Bardin, VP/GM

7. Last year's halftime blackout electrical malfunction at the Superdome. Oops. (2013, Ravens vs. Niners) 
"Is it dark in here, or is it just me?"

Early in the third quarter of the game, the power went out and put things on hold for half an hour! But, was there a silver lining to this event planning #FAIL? Patrick Jong, Pop2Life Senior Project Manager, has a theory:

I think the blackout inspired Beyonce’s “Love Me Lights Out” lyrics in her new song, XO.”"

Also, of course, it's not possible to talk about last year's Super Bowl without bowing down to Queen Bey's fierce performance. (Was she so hot she blew out the lights? We can only guess...)  

What would you add to this list?


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